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Named after our founders Yvette Miley and Arletha Miller, the Miley Miller Foundation, Inc is an organization focused on bridging the gap that often keeps individuals of color from achieving their educational goals.  We help eliminate financial barriers by awarding scholarships to those in need.


Ms. Miley is a journalist with a deep need to help people of color achieve their best selves through education, training, and mentoring. Ms. Miley understands that most often the limitation of achieving success lies in the lack of resources to acquire higher education and/or training.  Ms. Miller’s career in social work provides her with insight that financial disparity and lack of resources are often the roadblocks for individuals to complete their educational goals post-high school.   


The Miley Miller Foundation was established because of Ms. Miley’s personal mission to help individuals who desire to better their circumstances and give back to their community. In 2020, Ms. Miley shared this vision with Ms. Miller and in partnership, the two were able to bring this vision to fruition.


Foundation, Inc was established as a 501(c)(3) in 2021.  

We believe that empowerment involves providing mentorship,

training, and financial educational assistance

Our Mission

Our Mission

To encourage retention in higher education of African Americans seeking to obtain a college degree or technical training. Our scholarships, training, and partnerships provide opportunities and support that help people of color meet their individual goals of success, ultimately encouraging others in the community to do the same. 

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Our Vision

To be the bridge that helps people of color receive opportunities to obtain and achieve their educational goals and individual success despite lack of financial ability.

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