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Arletha M. Miller

Co-founder & President 

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My Story

Arletha M. Miller is the co-founder and serves on the Miley Miller Foundation, Inc. board of directors. The organization provides scholarships, mentorship, and training to people of color. The Miley Miller Foundation serves as the conduit for African Americans seeking to better their circumstances.


Ms. Miller is a licensed social worker with two decades of experience providing service in various settings such as adoptions, hospitals, home health, pediatric craniofacial, and autism. She believes the best way to help a community is to hear what they identify as their greatest need. In communities of color, one of the greatest needs is access to quality education and/or training. For most people, financial aid is the bridge to higher education or technical training.


Ms. Miller was raised to believe in the importance of education. Her maternal grandmother was an educator who believed education was the steppingstone to a better life no matter your circumstances. Mrs. Bryant told Ms. Miller that college may not be for everyone, but they need to at least learn a trade. Her paternal grandmother was a beautician and businesswoman with a high school education. She did not attend college but attended and was certified as a beautician at Madam CJ Walker’s school of cosmetology. Mrs. Bryant’s beauty school training afforded her the skill set to prosper.


Ms. Miller joined co-founder Yvette Miley in establishing the Miley Miller Foundation, Inc. in February 2021. In May of 2021, the Miley Miller Foundation, Inc. became a fully formed 501(c)(3).

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